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Recruitment Firms are your 2019 Hiring Strategy

As we enter the New Year, personal and professional resolutions abound. This is as true for organizations as individuals, although in the world of work our resolutions are more formally known as goals. But are you, and is your organization, positioned to meet these goals? Do you have the people, processes, and partners in place […]


3 Ways to Build a Strong Recruiting Pipeline

To build a strong recruiting pipeline you need to promote your culture through engaging content and genuine reviews. Each company is unique so you’ll need to build out your own rinse and repeat process, which encourages your employees to help fill your pipeline.


How to Hire a Top-Performing Sales People

When you’re hiring business development reps, you can’t afford to get it wrong. Your sales development representatives are the first people your prospective clients talk to. This makes them very important to your company. You have to hire sales people who can make a fantastic first impression, do effective lead qualifying, and book meetings to drive […]


The Hire 2018 Greatest Hits

As we wrap up this phenomenal year that was 2018 at The Hire, we look into the future with excitement and exhilaration! Thank you to our team, clients, friends, and family for supporting our journey and helping to make 2018 such a successful start-up year for us. We look forward to continuing to help talented people […]


Businessman takes Action!

How Great Leaders Coach: PART 3 – Action

In this final part of our Coaching series, we will focus on helping your team take action.  To recap, in Part 1 we introduced the business case for coaching and two primary tools, acknowledgment and validation In Part two we covered the importance of being present as a prerequisite to effective Listening, Clarifying, Asking Permission, […]


How Great Leader's Coach - Part 2

How Great Leaders Coach: Part 2

Last week we kicked off our series on Coaching with an introduction to the most powerful tools in coaching, Acknowledgment and Validation. Those simple tools used judiciously and authentically can make your team members feel heard and lead to increased engagement. This week we will introduce four more tools – Listening, Clarifying, Asking Permission, and […]


Leader-Coach holding a team member looking into the future.

How Great Leaders Coach: PART 1

Last month we talked about the 4 Key Distinctions between Managers and Leaders. This month we pick up that thread with a 3-part series about coaching and managing. Over the series we will introduce some tools, and simple examples of how to use them, to inspire your inner coach. Because if you want to be […]


The Hire Partners with Predictive Index

At The Hire, we believe the best way to make a long-term hire is to select a candidate based on strengths. Yet most companies make hiring decisions based on what’s in the ‘briefcase,’ which includes the usual suspects: Resume Relevant experience References Nailed the interview –> HIRED! While Interviews may help you understand skills, passion and […]


4 Key Distinctions between a Manager and a Leader

In our last article, we shared some horror stories about managers who were really Energy Vampires. Today we share how a great leader shows up in an organization, and what your managers can learn from them. Because while all people managers oversee a team, that does not make them a leader.  So, what are effective […]


Help, my Boss is an Energy Vampire!

To continue our cautionary tales from earlier this month, which kicked off with 5-Interviews that would Scare your Mummy, today we dive deep into the employee lifecycle to introduce 6 “Boss” Energy Vampires! What is an Energy Vampire?  Instead of blood, an energy vampire drains you so that you are unable to function properly after interacting with them. When it’s over you feel physically or mentally tired, anxious, angry, irritable…  Prepare to be frightened by how these vampires have shown up in our client’s workplaces.

My Boss the Martyr.

I worked in the corporate office of a famous retail cosmetics reseller. My […]