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Top 3 Reasons Smaller Staffing Firms Outshine Larger Firms

It is easy to buy into the idea that bigger must be better in terms of value.  But, while this may be true in some industries (and in Texas), smaller staffing firms offer clear-cut advantages of their larger counterparts in the staffing industry.

These advantages come in terms of experience, responsiveness, and personalization.

1)  Experience 

 Large staffing firms tend to hire inexperienced recruiters, often fresh out of college.  These entry-level recruiters don’t necessarily receive substantial training and don’t bring in-depth industry knowledge with them to the job.  Also, because large firms have a relatively high turn-over rate, clients are likely to find themselves unexpectedly working with a new recruiter at any given time.

Smaller staffing firms, on the other hand, tend to employ more highly experienced, industry experts.  Because of this, they are better poised to effectively advise their clients and candidates.  And, due to their low turnover rate, you are likely to develop and enjoy the benefits of a long-term relationship with your recruiting contact.

2)  Responsiveness & Adaptability

 Big firms have a longer chain of command and more decision makers involved.  With that comes delays.  It takes longer for them to address unique needs or go outside of the box.

Smaller firms aren’t restrained by red-tape.  They are inherently flexible and open to creative solutions.  They will work with you … not make you fit into a “one-size fits all” box.  Because, well, one size doesn’t fit all.

 3)  Personalized Approach

The “big guy” firms are first and foremost focused on the numbers.  Because of this, their recruiters tend to treat people like transactions, striving to meet their quota.

A small, boutique agency is much more likely to make and nurture personal connections with their candidates and clients.  There is typically a recognition that, in the long-term, a focus on simply “filling slots” is unfulfilling for all involved.  Their company values reflect the importance of keeping the human component of job placement and professional growth at the forefront.  This highly benefits both the businesses and the candidates they serve.

The Takeaway

You can expect and benefit from a very hands-on approach from a dedicated, small firm.  They are likely to immerse themselves into the culture of their client’s business and to learn the unique needs of each.  True strategic partnerships are formed.

The best smaller staffing firms become an extension of their clients’ business.  Through this partnership, business challenges are fully discovered and addressed – and the optimal candidate placements are made.

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