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The Hire Partners with Predictive Index

At The Hire, we believe the best way to make a long-term hire is to select a candidate based on strengths. Yet most companies make hiring decisions based on what’s in the ‘briefcase,’ which includes the usual suspects:

  • Resume
  • Relevant experience
  • References
  • Nailed the interview --> HIRED!

While Interviews may help you understand skills, passion and cultural fit; they do not asses the cognitive and behavioral qualities that are required to get the job done. To do this, you must implement a strong assessment strategy that can surface the key elements required for each successful hire. This is because well-constructed assessments supply reliable predictive analytics that can inform people decisions. And at The Hire, we want to see our clients make the best hiring decisions possible.

But beware, not all assessments are created equal. That is why we gave ourselves an early holiday gift this year by becoming an officially certified Predictive Index partner.

What is the Predictive Index and what can it do for my company?

The Predictive Index (PI) is a science-based, self-report measurement of normal, adult, work-related personality. It was developed originally in 1955 and validated specifically for use in organizations and across occupations.

Some of the benefits your organization can NOW expect when working with The Hire:

  • Assess your team against potential candidates to get the right people in the right positions and attain maximum performance.
  • Give teams the insight they need to better communicate, work together, and inspire change in your organization.
  • Learn how to play into their superpowers and keep employees engaged.

Now, more than ever, The Hire can help you successfully attract, select, hire, and onboard only the best-fitting candidates by providing business leaders the ability to leverage the true power of their people. As an extension of your team and part of your Talent Management strategy, we can help you learn and understand the differences between individuals that systematically affect job performance.

Why did we choose the Predictive Index?

The PI is considered to have high predictive validity. This is primarily because you will have the same, or similar results each time you retake the assessment. So unlike other such assessments, since it measures stable traits that are unlikely to change over time, your mood will not affect the results. It is also proven reliable and valid across ethnicity, age, gender, and location.  Still, don’t believe? Here are the results of clients that have used PI in their organizations:

  • 98% feel it enhances their hiring process
  • 70% say it helps to remove bias from their hiring process
  • 67% say it has helped them recognize stronger engagement
  • 61% say it has helped them make employees more productive

Available Worldwide since 1958

The Hire offers a complimentary PI introductory program so you can take a test-drive. For more information contact our resident expert, Natasha Maciel, Director of Talent Development & People Strategies.

Lisa Crockett is a leader and certified professional development coach with more than 20 years of experience in Human Resources, Learning, and Performance. To learn more about her professional career visit her on LinkedIn.

‘Companies applying insights gleaned from predictive analytics increased profits by six percent in the first year of implementation.

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