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Recruiter Responsiveness: A Vital Key Differentiator in the Staffing Industry

Have you noticed the current frustrating and unsettling trend of Recruiter Responsiveness, or lack thereof in the staffing industry?  If so, you are not alone.  Browse through any professional networking discussion forum and you are likely to get a virtual “earful” on the subject, and with reason.  We have certainly noticed that the prevalent mindset in the staffing industry is the overall stance that recruiters just don’t have the time to respond to hundreds of applicants.  Responsiveness (or lack thereof) is a huge concern when it comes to job searching and recruiting.

While we at The Hire have observed this wide-spread attitude, we also whole-heartedly reject it.  In fact, one of our key differentiators is that we distinctly position ourselves to be utterly and completely RESPONSIVE.

What Sets Us Apart

Here at The Hire, we place tremendous value on the importance of following up with each and every applicant, each and every time.  And, even if someone isn’t a fit for a current opening, we believe in fostering meaningful connections and nurturing the relationship – for today, for the immediate future and for the long term.  Doing this is inherent in our values and mission to “Treat People Like People!” 

Among our core beliefs is that no one should be treated as a transaction.  Every candidate deserves to be connected to the right opportunities and to receive thoughtful feedback after an interview.  We recognize this as an important impetus that helps each candidate fully realize their talent and to gain true direction and career momentum.

We are passionate about building relationships and making a difference in people’s lives and we are 100% dedicated to providing an exceptional experience for our clients and candidates.  It is our ambition to bridge the gaps inherent in the staffing industry.

For our clients, we do this by immersing ourselves into the culture of their businesses and becoming a true strategic partner.  This personalized approach positions The Hire to be an extension of each client’s business – optimizing our ability to identify the best candidate match.

For our candidates, one of our foremost commitments is to provide you with a true competitive advantage.   We do this by being highly responsive and through several additional distinctive ways – such as through certified professional career coaching; career strategy assistance; timely and honest feedback; and a long-term focus.

It is our goal is to attract, engage, and deliver top talent and to be your ongoing trusted advisor.  We will never ignore you or hustle you through a pipeline.  We will consistently be responsive and be your partner and advocate – today, tomorrow, and for the future.

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