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A New Approach to the Interview

Calling all interviewers! Are you sick and tired of asking the same questions in an interview? Do you feel like those questions aren’t allowing you to get to know the interviewee in the workplace? If you answered yes to one or both of those questions, this blog is for you.

The New York Times wrote an article (https://www.nytimes.com/guides/business/how-to-hire-the-right-person) about how the interview can determine that you’re hiring the right person. Below is an outline of some of the highlights.

  1. The first thing to do is to get away from the typical desk interview

Rather than sitting across from your interviewee in your office, try taking them on a tour first. You will immediately get a sense of their personality when you introduce them to your coworkers. You could also meet them for coffee or lunch. This will allow your interviewee to show you who they truly are without the pressure to conform to the office environment.

  1. Ask interesting questions

There are four questions that this article lists and a favorite is definitely: What kind of animal would you be, and why? Their answer can tell you a lot about how self-aware they are.

  1. More opinions are important

Even if you feel that you got a strong sense of this person’s character, it never hurts to ask your coworkers to meet with them too. That second opinion may see something that you didn’t. It also never hurts to do a little digging and find other people they’ve worked with on LinkedIn.

  1. Diversity

And not necessarily about appearance. You may be skeptical about hiring someone because of their experience level, but a new perspective in the company may be just what you need.

  1. Give them a take-home task

It can even be something that you’re struggling with at the moment to see how they would handle the situation. This way, you are getting a sense of how their mind works and if their ideas would be a good fit for the other employees at the company.

These are some great ideas to get out of that rigid interview box that will help you hire some amazing people!

Comment below and let us know if you have any ideas for interviewers.

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