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Woo Top Talent with These Employee Perks

In the perfect world, every hiring company would be able to accommodate top dollars in their salary budget for top talent.  And, often that is the case. But, sometimes hiring budgets can be restraining.  With that comes a rather good incentive to get creative with, well, incentives (otherwise known as employee perks) to woo top talent.

Some top employee perks to gain (and keep!) top talent include:

  • Wellness Perks – Offer incentives that help keep employees feeling their best. Potential wellness perks ideas include:
    • Standing desks. A myriad of acute and chronic health problems are associated with sitting day in and day out.  Research shows that an option to use a standing desk may be just the antidote cubicle dwellers need.
    • Work lounges
    • Gym Membership
    • On-site fitness center
    • Consider having a professional massage therapist make the rounds each month to help work out the kinks with a 15-minute chair massage
    • Healthy grab and go snacks. Keep your team fueled by providing fresh and dried fruit, plain yogurt, and granola or trail mix.
  • Recreation PerksThese pack an extra bonus in that they both provide a physical outlet (to help get the creative mental juices flowing), and give members of your company a great way to collaborate in a new way and build team morale. Potential recreation perks include:
    • Company-sponsored softball or kickball team
    • Ping Pong table
    • Foosball table
    • Basketball hoop
  • Professional Growth PerksToday’s workforce is very focused on professional development. Millennials resoundingly say that opportunity for growth is a top priority.  Potential professional growth perks include:
    • Professional development training
    • Tuition reimbursement
    • Training and certification opportunities
  • Work/Life Balance PerksLife is more hectic than ever … employees will greatly appreciate. Potential work/life balance perks include:
    • Flex-time. (Bonus:  Reflects Trust!!)
    • Remote work option. (Bonus again:  Reflects Trust!!)
    • Extended maternity and paternity leave (above and beyond the minimum required by law) – Bringing a child into the world is life transforming. Parents who are able to spend extended quality time with their child return to work renewed, rejuvenated, and with purpose.
    • Onsite childcare
    • Concierge services
    • An extra week off during the holidays. Consider giving employees an option between taking the 3rd week of December, 4th week of December, or 1st week of January off (in addition to normal PTO earned throughout the year).

Great employee perks provide compelling incentive.  In addition to helping your company attract great talent, these types of incentives help ensure that your team stays happy, healthy and focused … and company morale follows suit!

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