Recruitment Firms are your 2019 Hiring Strategy –



Recruitment Firms are your 2019 Hiring Strategy

As we enter the New Year, personal and professional resolutions abound.

This year I will LOSE Weight

This is as true for organizations as individuals, although in the world of work our resolutions are more formally known as goals.

This year we will GROW to $1.5m in Revenues

But are you, and is your organization, positioned to meet these goals? Do you have the people, processes, and partners in place to make it happen? If not, how will you close the gap? How can a professional recruitment firm, like The Hire, help you find the Greatest Of All Talent?

Recruitment Firms Deliver Value

Local agencies are the most cost-effective and efficient way to hire. Whether you have an in-house recruiting team that needs a hand, or you prefer to outsource your recruiting efforts entirely – local agencies simply have the best access to the broadest range of skilled workers. This includes passive candidates and employed contacts!

Sure, I'd be open to hearing about a fantastic new opportunity!

This alone will save you a tremendous amount of time but then think about the administration savings. Less time reviewing resumes and scheduling interviews. More time talking to vetted candidates to find the best fit. Your agency also handles all candidate communication, saving you from awkward conversations and ensuring you make the best impression on what might be a great candidate for a future role.

Recruitment Firms Save $$$

In addition to the administrative value above, a firm will improve your efficiency through direct access to job boards.  Negotiating contracts for them is costly and time-consuming. Unfortunately there are few other options for advertising outside of your company website. By using a firm, you get access to job boards and an assistant to sort through it and hand deliver the best candidates. Firms like The Hire offer you a personal view of your candidates through proprietary software. So no confusing or messy tools, just a seamless and simple experience.

Recruitment Firms are built to Uncover the Best Talent

In a market that favors candidates, recruitment firms are overflowing with the candidates you need. They have expertise in screening, filtering, and fitting those candidates to the right roles. For instance, our 3-Step process ensures we get you the right fit from our network of candidates matched to your organization’s unique needs.

Recruitment Firms are made up of People Experts

Recruiters are your best ally in today’s war for talent – whether you are looking for team members or a job. Find a firm that understands your niche and can quickly create a shortlist for your open positions. Give yourself the best chance at success by creating a long-term relationship that helps both organizations and allows for synergy in building your team. This will reduce future hiring costs as you build trust and the firm gains more knowledge of your organization. So, while the initial costs may seem challenging for a burgeoning business, the long-term benefits when you find a firm that can be a partner to your business, far outweigh the investment. The successive gain over time multiplies your ROI.

On that note as you budget for working with external firms - BEWARE of price negotiation!

You Get what you Pay for...

Underpaying your recruitment firm is like being rude to your server at a restaurant – good luck naming the extra sauce on your steak. When you negotiate a lower rate with a recruitment firm, or any service provider or consultant, you are communicating your belief of their value (and discounting their own). This will affect their service and de-prioritize your Organization. Clients that show they value the firm’s services will get the first pick of promising new candidates.

In addition, when you negotiate rates often key services (like a thorough needs analysis) are discarded in favor of requirements provided by the client. The requirements may or may not have the information needed to successfully fill the role.


Recruiters need room to ask questions. To collect information about the company and role before they begin your search. They also need time to interview and fully evaluate potential candidates before sending them your way. But if they are working against an unreasonable constraint as the result of a cut-rate contract, they will barely have time to funnel candidates your way and hope one of them meets your needs.


While we cannot speak for all firms, at The Hire we specialize in all things people. We have all the services of a traditional recruitment firm, with the added benefit of services like talent management consulting and professional development coaching. We want to work with you…

Business Leader

So, in 2019, resolve NOT to do it all yourself. Resolve to find partners, like The Hire, who can amplify your results and you give a sustainable strategy for talent acquisition and management into the future. Contact us today to learn more about our approach for bringing you the Greatest Of All Talent.

Lisa Crockett is a leader and professional development coach with more than 20 years of experience in Human Resources, Learning, and Performance. To learn more about her professional career visit her on LinkedIn.

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