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Bringing you the Greatest of all Talent!

Always make the best possible hiring decisions…

Finding your next great employee shouldn’t be a fraught-filled journey. The Hire has partnered with The Predictive Index makes it easier than ever before to hire quickly and confidently.  Because we believe our people are our differentiators and we have the opportunity to hire great people who are going to drive our company forward. We won’t settle for average and we want to help the companies work with do the same.

We have found that the best way to make a long-term hire is to select a candidate that will maximize your organizations productivity by understanding how your people think and work best. Yet most companies make hiring decisions based on a "gut feeling" plus what’s in the ‘briefcase,’


While these may help you understand skills, passion, and cultural fit; they do not asses the qualities required to get the job done. In addition to relying on our own ‘gut feeling’ when partnering with companies to help them find talent, we wanted to be a true strategic partner. We are overachievers.

So how do we bring you the GOAT?

The only way to bring you the GOAT (The Greatest of All Talent) is to pair our process with a reliable predictive analytics tool. One that can provide you with the data to make better people decisions that align to your business strategies. Why The Predictive Index when there are so many assessments to choose from? Because, combined with our 3-step process, it ensures we find you the best fit for every role.

How does it fit into our process? The PI allows us to create job targets that we can compare to your candidate pipeline, to ensure you get the best possible matches before the interview process begins. Next we create custom interview guides so your leaders can ask questions specific to the candidate and role for which they are being considered. This helps you grow your business by ensuring you hire those most likely to be successful in the role and your environment. It also gives you the information to best manage, retain, and inspire their best work.

Sound exciting? Get in touch with us now to start getting your people into roles where they can thrive - where you tap into what drives, inspires, engages and motivates them!

Want to learn more? Read on below for case studies and testimonials, or click "Try the Assessment" for a test drive of the behavioral assessment!

How does the PI work?

1. Define the Job

We start by setting your job targets.

2. Send Assessments

We send each viable candidate an assessment link.

3. Compare and Evaluate

We quickly rank candidates' match against your requirements.

4. Interview

We create a custom Interview Kit for each candidate so you ask the best questions.

5. Hire the Best

You hire confidently ready to inspire your new hires to greatness!

Case Studies, Testimonials and more...

Anything is possible when your business strategy aligns with your people strategy. The Hire can help you discover what is missing on the people side, so you can better attract your future innovators and leaders, and improve the performance of your entire organization. Because a person’s behavioral pattern provides a nuanced understanding of their drives and needs which helps you better manage, reward and recognize them.

Want to see the data? We felt the same way... that's why we offer a 1 hour consult with real data from you and your team. Contact us today to get started!

In the meantime, check out some of the video testimonials and case studies below so you can see for yourself how the Predictive Index makes a difference in real businesses every day.


Recruit & Onboard

Successfully hire and onboard individuals that fit your specific culture and role.

Build Effective Teams

Gain the insights to work effectively together and manage change.

Develop Your Leaders

Gain the insights to work effectively together and manage change.

Increase Engagement

Gain the insights to work effectively together and manage change.