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The Hire Forms Partnership With Operation Stand Down

The Hire is excited to announce a partnership with Operation Stand Down, a Rhode Island based non-profit organization that was established in 1993 and helps Veterans and their families receive the resources they need while empowering them to reach their fullest potentials. They provide a wide range of life-changing services including supportive permanent and transitional housing, intensive case management, basic human needs assistance (for example, food and clothing) and an employment training and placement program.

The Hire is dedicated to giving individuals the attention, access to resources and career coaching they need to succeed in advancing their careers.  Recruiting has become a transactional industry but The Hire’s core value is getting back to the basics by treating people like people and establishing a personal connection.  The Hire also places an emphasis on the value of giving back to the local community and does so by partnering with local non-profits whose missions align with their own.

Together, Operation Stand Down and The Hire are able to get Veterans the resources they need and the jobs they want. Both organizations emphasize the importance of working with their clients one-on-one in order to build a personal relationship with the benefit of the individual’s front of mind. While Operation Stand Down will provide the overall resources these veterans need, The Hire will help place them land the best job possible based on their skills and lifestyle goals.  Through collaboration and support of both companies, The Hire is excited to be able to support Veterans on their career journey.

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