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Dilbert on Performance Management.

How Managing Performance can ease your Performance Management Pain

Welcome to the final installment of our Talent Optimization series, managing performance to avoid the pain of “Performance Management.” For those of you who love doing annual performance reviews, skip this blog and write your own – we want to know your secret! But for the rest who find the reviews, and the conventional conversations […]


Four ways to create effective Incentives to Reward and Recognize

Welcome to week four of our Talent Optimization series, tips for providing effective incentives to Reward and Recognize. In many organizations, rewards are planned solely in alignment to the organization’s financial goals. While this makes short term business sense, focusing only on dollars will cost eventually. This is because circumventing employee development guarantees a future […]


The Modern Rules of Talent Acquisition

Welcome to week three of our Talent Optimization series, the modern rules of Talent Acquisition. In your quest for optimization, after Talent Development, Talent Acquisition is the next stop to find the skills to remain competitive. In fact, a report by Vistage shows 65% of CEOs plan to “hire expansively” in 2019.  So get engaged, […]


Business Strategy + People Strategy = Results

4 Ways to Optimize Talent Development

Welcome to week two of our Talent Optimization series, focused on Talent Development. Talent Development is your first approach to keeping your key players by cultivating in them the skills your business needs to remain competitive. After all, you can look outside for that purple unicorn – but none will be so sparkly as one cultivated from within your business.

Optimize the Climate

Developing people effectively means aligning your people strategy with your business strategy and culture, so you understand where you have been, and where you are going. From this process you can achieve the organizational buy-in to achieve your […]


The Value of Talent Optimization

Talent Optimization is your number one strategy to drive retention and performance.



Recruitment Firms are your 2019 Hiring Strategy

As we enter the New Year, personal and professional resolutions abound. This is as true for organizations as individuals, although in the world of work our resolutions are more formally known as goals. But are you, and is your organization, positioned to meet these goals? Do you have the people, processes, and partners in place […]


3 Ways to Build a Strong Recruiting Pipeline

To build a strong recruiting pipeline you need to promote your culture through engaging content and genuine reviews. Each company is unique so you’ll need to build out your own rinse and repeat process, which encourages your employees to help fill your pipeline.


How to Hire a Top-Performing Sales People

When you’re hiring business development reps, you can’t afford to get it wrong. Your sales development representatives are the first people your prospective clients talk to. This makes them very important to your company. You have to hire sales people who can make a fantastic first impression, do effective lead qualifying, and book meetings to drive […]


The Hire 2018 Greatest Hits

As we wrap up this phenomenal year that was 2018 at The Hire, we look into the future with excitement and exhilaration! Thank you to our team, clients, friends, and family for supporting our journey and helping to make 2018 such a successful start-up year for us. We look forward to continuing to help talented people […]


Businessman takes Action!

How Great Leaders Coach: PART 3 – Action

In this final part of our Coaching series, we will focus on helping your team take action.  To recap, in Part 1 we introduced the business case for coaching and two primary tools, acknowledgment and validation In Part two we covered the importance of being present as a prerequisite to effective Listening, Clarifying, Asking Permission, […]