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Leader-Coach holding a team member looking into the future.

How Great Leaders Coach: PART 1

Last month we talked about the 4 Key Distinctions between Managers and Leaders. This month we pick up that thread with a 3-part series about coaching and managing. Over the series we will introduce some tools, and simple examples of how to use them, to inspire your inner coach. Because if you want to be […]


The Hire Partners with Predictive Index

At The Hire, we believe the best way to make a long-term hire is to select a candidate based on strengths. Yet most companies make hiring decisions based on what’s in the ‘briefcase,’ which includes the usual suspects: Resume Relevant experience References Nailed the interview –> HIRED! While Interviews may help you understand skills, passion and […]


4 Key Distinctions between a Manager and a Leader

In our last article, we shared some horror stories about managers who were really Energy Vampires. Today we share how a great leader shows up in an organization, and what your managers can learn from them. Because while all people managers oversee a team, that does not make them a leader.  So, what are effective […]


Help, my Boss is an Energy Vampire!

To continue our cautionary tales from earlier this month, which kicked off with 5-Interviews that would Scare your Mummy, today we dive deep into the employee lifecycle to introduce 6 “Boss” Energy Vampires! What is an Energy Vampire?  Instead of blood, an energy vampire drains you so that you are unable to function properly after interacting with them. When it’s over you feel physically or mentally tired, anxious, angry, irritable…  Prepare to be frightened by how these vampires have shown up in our client’s workplaces.

My Boss the Martyr.

I worked in the corporate office of a famous retail cosmetics reseller. My […]


5 Interviews that will Scare your Mummy!

Happy October readers! Welcome to the season of gorgeous foliage, hot apple cider, and everything spooky. To get into the spirit, this month our blogs focus is on cautionary tales and anecdotes from the careers of our clients, candidates, and readers – and we want to thank all of you who shared so generously. Picking […]


3 Strategies Leaders use to Develop Leaders

Last week we started a discussion on leadership development and how your organization’s culture shapes, leadership networks. This week we get even more specific, focusing on how leaders develop more leaders. Because while great leader’s inspire action – poor leaders inspire exits… Great leaders engage with their teams. We’re not talking about surveys, happy hour, […]


Reaching for a leadership culture

3 Ways to develop a great Leadership Culture

Leaders influence behavior and performance from every position in your organization – for better and worse. So, you have a choice when you consider formal development; you can foster and support leadership at every level, or you can choose to focus on training your managers (and fall further behind the curve.


5 ways to lose a high-performer in the Employee Lifecycle

Why does that promising candidate struggle once they are an employee? How can you set them, and you, up for success? 


How being Purpose-Driven attracts High-Performers

Being purpose-driven may not sound sexy, but it’s a fact that “companies that lead with purpose are more likely to be profitable.”


5 Ways to attract High-Performers, and 5 ways to repel them

Last week we gave you some strategies for Attracting and Hiring your Dream Team. This week we are going to share some specific insights from your candidates because, let’s face it, technology has turned the tables in their favor. Information, real or fake, is easy to find and your critics won’t hesitate to share their opinions. That is why you must actively influence public perception AND provide candidates with a great experience – or risk losing them. In the gig economy, they have more choices than ever before so you might choose them, but they may not choose you. At […]