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Help, my Boss is an Energy Vampire!

To continue our cautionary tales from earlier this month, which kicked off with 5-Interviews that would Scare your Mummy, today we dive deep into the employee lifecycle to introduce 6 “Boss” Energy Vampires! What is an Energy Vampire?  Instead of blood, an energy vampire drains you so that you are unable to function properly after interacting with them. When it’s over you feel physically or mentally tired, anxious, angry, irritable…  Prepare to be frightened by how these vampires have shown up in our client’s workplaces.

My Boss the Martyr.

I worked in the corporate office of a famous retail cosmetics reseller. My […]


Candidate Spotlight – David W.

At The Hire, we know how important it is to match the right talent with the right company, and how fulfilling the right position can be for a great candidate. Because of this, we want to share some of our candidate’s great experiences with you. To kick it off, we spoke with a Project Manager who was placed with one of our clients in Rhode Island.


4 Ways to Motivate Yourself to Exercise During the Work Week

Motivating yourself to go to the gym can be hard during the work week when all you want to do is sleep in or rush home to eat and relax at the end of the day.  Although it will take some getting used to, there are benefits to working out before or after work.


4 Tips for a Healthier Work Week

Are you working that 9 to 5 grind? Do you feel foggy, stiff, and sluggish? If so, read on for some tips on how to stay healthy at your desk job!


Taking Breaks: 6 Quick Tips to Make the Most of them

Breaks are extremely important in order to have a successful workday. They keep our brains sharp and our mental health in check.


Follow-up Letter: Why Write Them and What to Include

A follow-up letter can also be considered a thank you note. It’s always polite to thank your interviewer for their time and consideration in your candidacy. Think of this as a formal letter. Begin the email with ‘dear’ and end it with ‘sincerely’ or something else that you believe is professional.


Don’t Apply For Every Job. Do These 5 Things Instead.

When searching for a new job, it can be pretty tempting to apply for each and every position that piques your interest.  And that inclination is certainly understandable – who hasn’t gotten swept away with visions of a total profession overhaul?  But while it’s certainly worthwhile (and even advisable) to cast a wide net, there are a few things to consider before spending valuable time and energy indiscriminately submitting applications for which you are unqualified.

Since there is likely a large pool of qualified candidates for any given position, unqualified candidates who don’t meet the position requirements are unlikely to be […]


10 Life Lessons That Will Change Your Life

Every now and then, we find extra incentive to take stock of our lives. This incentive can come in many ways.  Regardless of the approach to get there, it is important to take some time to reflect now and again and assess the life lessons we’ve learned.


Recruiter Responsiveness: A Vital Key Differentiator in the Staffing Industry

Have you noticed the current frustrating and unsettling trend of Recruiter Responsiveness, or lack thereof in the staffing industry?  If so, you are not alone.  Browse through any professional networking discussion forum and you are likely to get a virtual “earful” on the subject, and with reason.  We have certainly noticed that the prevalent mindset in the staffing industry is the overall stance that recruiters just don’t have the time to respond to hundreds of applicants.  Responsiveness (or lack thereof) is a huge concern when it comes to job searching and recruiting.

While we at The Hire have observed this wide-spread attitude, […]


Do’s & Don’ts: How to Answer “Tell Me About a Time You Made a Mistake”

Interviews can be daunting.  Most people experience a certain level of pre-interview nerves, which is natural.  Often, this pre-interview stress is related to apprehensions about the “unknowns” … such as questions that may seem to come out of left field.  Examples of these include situational and/or behavioral interview questions that require you to think on your feet and provide a concrete example of how you have handled, or would handle, a situation in the workplace. One such question that is frequently asked is a version of “Tell Me About a Time You Made a Mistake”.

A sure-fire way to reduce interview […]