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Feeling lost and directionless in your career?

You are not alone. Starting at the age of two, we begin to hear the phrase “no, you can’t do that.”  This phrase continues throughout adulthood and rings from the mouths of friends, teachers, co-workers and relatives.

The result of hearing “No, you can’t do that?”

We begin to believe it! We suddenly fear our dreams or worse – we stop dreaming altogether. It’s time to start dreaming again. Following our dreams and doing something we are passionate about can provide us a GPS when we feel lost.

What do you really want to be now that you have grown up?

As your Certified Professional Coach, we will work together to answer these questions. Some other things we can work on together are:

  • Conducting a job search effectively and efficiently
  • Crafting a solid first impression
  • Developing a resume that stands out in-the-crowd
  • Mastering the art of the interview
  • Learning to promote yourself with confidence

Together, we will identify your dream career and streamline your path-to-success!

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