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15 Interview Questions to Ask the Hiring Manager

We always recommend having at least 5 interview questions prepared to ask the hiring manager during your interview. These can be questions about the position, your boss, or the company.  This shows an interest in the company and some of them help the hiring manager envision you in the role.  (It’s difficult to think of a well-worded question when you’re under pressure, so do this ahead of time.)  Your interview questions should be thoughtful and express your interest in the company.  Here are a few examples:

  1. Tell me about the history of the growth of your company.
  2. Why is this position open?
  3. What is your highest priority in the next six months, and how could someone like me help?
  4. Tell me about a typical day.
  5. Tell me about your training program.
  6. Is there an opportunity for growth from this role?
  7. What are the characteristics of your top people?
  8. What are three main qualities you are looking for in a candidate?
  9. What is the biggest challenge someone could expect to face in this role?
  10. What is the best part of working for this company/ in this department?
  11.  How would you describe the work environment here—is the work typically collaborative or more independent?
  12. What is the performance review process like here? How often would I be formally reviewed?
  13. How do you see me fitting in with your company?
  14. If I were to ask your top rep what he/she likes most/least about the company, what kind of response would I get?
  15. Do you have any reservations about my being successful with your company?

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