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About Us

About Us

Our Founders

Tyler Wentworth, Co-Founder & President

No stranger to successful outcomes, Tyler is a 2-time Presidents Club Award winner and managed a team that increased the revenue of one of the largest staffing firms in the world by 2.7 million in one year! These accomplishments along with 10+ years of experience with leading sales teams are why he is a trusted consultant. No one is more qualified to help clients build high-performing teams that get results!

Tyler is passionate about supporting business owners who struggle to build successful teams and finding the ideal culture for candidates who seek career advancement.

“It was an eye-opening moment to get into this industry, become successful and see the gratitude on both sides. I knew I wanted to do this for the rest of my professional career.”

Clients choose Tyler because he takes the time to understand who they are and what they are seeking..

“The most rewarding thing you can give a client is the ideal candidate who solves their business challenges. But, you can’t find the right solution until you understand their problem.”

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Erin Pavane, Co-Founder & Professional Career Coach

Armed with an MBA, a certification as a professional coach, a Presidents Club Award and experience building teams from scratch; Erin is a powerful ally to her candidates and clients. Upon witnessing the gaps in the recruiting industry, she was inspired to create an organization devoted to delivering better results for companies looking to build high performing teams.

She fell in love with the industry in 2010 because it revealed her passion for helping people to live their best lives. Today, she enjoys learning about her clients and helping them achieve their goals by matching them with extraordinary candidates. Erin is a true advocate for those candidates, helping them discover their passions so they can advance their careers and find an organization where they can flourish.

High-energy, authenticity, and focus, are what you get working with Erin. As co-founder of  The Hire, she is passionate about building a company that is based on her core value of  “treating people like people.”

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Our Story

How The Hire Was Formed

Erin and Tyler first met at a textile company in 2007. Their paths crossed again in 2012 while working at a recruiting firm.  They were both sales professionals in a cut-throat environment, but they immediately connected.

“We found a way to trust each other and do the right thing which was hard to find in that world.  We broke through the competitive culture to help one another to be more successful.” -Tyler

They quickly became friends when they realized their mutual passion for building relationships and making a positive impact on people’s lives. Since they shared frustrations with the recruiting world, they became determined to work together to change the way the industry operated – and thus The Hire was born.

We are Problem Solvers!

We see patterns within the staffing industry that are troubling. Many staffing firms hire the majority of their recruiters fresh out of college and do not properly train them, leaving them unable to effectively advise and assist business owners and hiring managers. Still more concerning is the tendency of to treat individuals as “transactions” rather than people – focusing on filling a “role” with little regard to advancing a person’s career.

There are gaps in this industry – let’s bridge those gaps and change the reputation of the staffing industry. It’s time to raise the bar.” -Erin

We have a Mission

We are both a sounding board for and experts to, our clients. Our mission is to build long-term and strategic relationships with our clients and candidates based upon integrity, trust, and transparency.  We are committed to continuously seeking opportunities to advance the careers of our candidates while finding the best solutions for our clients.

Our bottom line: Treat people like people!

How do we do it?

To stay ahead of their game, we created an Advisory Board to assist us in the areas of Business Coaching, Marketing, Legal, Human Resources, and Finance. Their priority is to keep current with the industry and educate clients and candidates on present-day trends.

Our advisory board speaks loudly because we realize we don’t know everything. This team of experts helps us be better people and shape the direction of our company to ensure we are staying on track as business partners”  -Erin

Giving Back to the Community

We pay it forward! We partner with candidates and clients who want to lend a hand to those who struggle with success. By partnering with local non-profits whose missions align with theirs, we are all able to support the growth of local talent.

What’s with the Goat?

Wondering why they have a blue goat in their logo?

G.O.A.T = “Greatest OAll Talent”

At The Hire, we strive to provide the Greatest OAll Talent to our clients. Not to mention, who doesn’t like a Goat? They are cute, right?