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How being Purpose-Driven attracts High-Performers

Being purpose-driven may not sound sexy, but it’s a fact that “companies that lead with purpose are more likely to be profitable.”


5 Ways to attract High-Performers, and 5 ways to repel them

Last week we gave you some strategies for Attracting and Hiring your Dream Team. This week we are going to share some specific insights from your candidates because, let’s face it, technology has turned the tables in their favor. Information, real or fake, is easy to find and your critics won’t hesitate to share their opinions. That is why you must actively influence public perception AND provide candidates with a great experience – or risk losing them. In the gig economy, they have more choices than ever before so you might choose them, but they may not choose you. At […]


8 Ways to Attract and Hire your Dream Team

As we promised last week in our discussion of intentional attraction, this week we will review specific strategies to attract and recruit your dream team members long before you need them. Let’s talk about what we see when we scroll through our LinkedIn feed. For starters, many of the companies we follow share news content, awards they have won, or prominent new hire information. What often surprises us is the lack of supportive comments or shares from other employees, especially senior leaders. Think about it – after someone took the time to write and share the information, the engagement of […]


What is Intentional Attraction and why does it matter?

How would your perspective change if you looked at every candidate as a potential team member? Would you do anything differently in the recruiting process to attract them?