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10 Life Lessons That Will Change Your Life

Every now and then, we find extra incentive to take stock of our lives. This incentive can come in many ways.  Regardless of the approach to get there, it is important to take some time to reflect now and again and assess the life lessons we’ve learned.


8 Ways to Streamline Your Hiring Process

A slow hiring process leads to missing out on top talent.  

Conversely, a streamlined hiring approach will not only save your organization time and increase efficiency, it will help you onboard top talent (before your competitors scoop them up).


Recruiter Responsiveness: A Vital Key Differentiator in the Staffing Industry

Have you noticed the current frustrating and unsettling trend of Recruiter Responsiveness, or lack thereof in the staffing industry?  If so, you are not alone.  Browse through any professional networking discussion forum and you are likely to get a virtual “earful” on the subject, and with reason.  We have certainly noticed that the prevalent mindset in the staffing industry is the overall stance that recruiters just don’t have the time to respond to hundreds of applicants.  Responsiveness (or lack thereof) is a huge concern when it comes to job searching and recruiting.

While we at The Hire have observed this wide-spread attitude, […]


Top 3 Reasons Smaller Staffing Firms Outshine Larger Firms

It is easy to buy into the idea that bigger must be better in terms of value.  But, while this may be true in some industries (and in Texas), smaller staffing firms offer clear-cut advantages of their larger counterparts in the staffing industry.

These advantages come in terms of experience, responsiveness, and personalization.

1)  Experience 

 Large staffing firms tend to hire inexperienced recruiters, often fresh out of college.  These entry-level recruiters don’t necessarily receive substantial training and don’t bring in-depth industry knowledge with them to the job.  Also, because large firms have a relatively high turn-over rate, clients are likely to find […]


Do’s & Don’ts: How to Answer “Tell Me About a Time You Made a Mistake”

Interviews can be daunting.  Most people experience a certain level of pre-interview nerves, which is natural.  Often, this pre-interview stress is related to apprehensions about the “unknowns” … such as questions that may seem to come out of left field.  Examples of these include situational and/or behavioral interview questions that require you to think on your feet and provide a concrete example of how you have handled, or would handle, a situation in the workplace. One such question that is frequently asked is a version of “Tell Me About a Time You Made a Mistake”.

A sure-fire way to reduce interview […]