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Job Hoppers – Red Flag or Potential Boon?

A skilled and successful job hopper is likely to be a flexible and resourceful candidate and a dynamic and ever-evolving employee.  They are likely to be top performers who bring with them a wealth of accumulated knowledge, resources, and best practices.


7 Tips for a Successful Job Search

If it has been a while since the last time you embarked on a job search, you are bound to notice that much has changed over the years. This blog provides 7 tips to help you on your job search.


Millennials are Transforming the Workplace

By 2020, it is estimated that Millennials will make up nearly 50% of the workforce.  With Baby Boomers retiring at record rates, a distinctive shift has been occurring in the generational demographics of the workforce.  And with this shift has come a gradual, yet significant transformation of the workplace as we know it. 


Resumé:  7 Ways to Tell a Compelling Story

Today, to get recognized as the strong candidate that you are, you will want to take your resume a bit further.  You will want to do so with the goal of engaging the readers of your resumé by telling your professional story.