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5 Predictors of a Great Hire

Now let’s talk about 5 great predictors of a good hire that you can actually hang your hat on. 

It should be noted that many people can quickly master and ascend that learning curve.  And that job skills can be taught and learned relatively easily by a quick study.  But, in the end, the team members that bring the most sustainable value bring more than the ability to perform the job. 


Cover Letter:  Should You Include One?  Absolutely!

If you are embarking on a new job search, it is likely that you’ve recently put considerable time and energy in preparation to put your best foot forward.  Surely, one of your efforts has been to breathe new life into your long-neglected resume.


3 Bad Predictors of a Perfect Hire

Hiring managers naturally put a lot of thought into the selection process when working to fill a position. They know that choosing the wrong candidate for the job is something to be avoided – at all costs.

This is so critical because hiring is, well, costly. Glassdoor for Employers estimates that the average cost per hire is nearly $4,000. Hidden costs associated with onboarding a new employee include…


6 Unexpected Benefits of Career Coaching

It is time. You have come to the now unshakable conclusion that it is time for a career change.  You may have arrived at this conclusion for a multitude of reasons.

Perhaps you have outgrown your current role and crave new challenges or are looking for a better compensation package. Or maybe your hand has been forced.  Or, as is increasingly the case, you seek a yet to be discovered sense of fulfillment in your career and REALLY want to do what you love and love what you do.


Recruiting Dream Team Offers a Personalized Approach to Staffing in the Greater New England Area

Staffing industry experts, Tyler Wentworth and Erin Pavane, announce the launch of The Hire, LLC, a Providence County, RI, based recruitment agency.  With the shared vision to bridge the gap, they found inherent in the staffing industry, The Hire is co-founded by Tyler, an influential and trusted industry business consultant, and Erin, a dedicated and passionate certified professional career coach.